About us


Our Remedy’s Rx Pharmacy team in South Surrey and Fleetwood location are all certified Pharmacists and certified Pharmacy Assistants. We have more than 10 Licensed Nurses working in the city of Langley, Surrey and White Rock area that are working together and communicating effectively towards the same goal. Our goal is to truly change the lives of our patients and their families through compassionate service, medication assistance at home and medication education support. We truly believe that we are agents of change and a catalyst of justice for our patients.


Remedy’s Rx Pharmacy are working together in the hope for our programs and services to flourish. Our greatest hope is that our programs and services will encourage those who want to change their lives and/or help change the lives of their love ones:  patients, families, seniors living at home and care providers in pursuit of seeking the best treatment and care for themselves and/or for those who needs it.

We hope we can humbly reach out and engage to multiple care providers: the doctors, the nurse practitioners, the patient care coordinators, the home health providers, the nurses and the social workers to work with us in helping each patient receive the best possible care in order for them to have healthier and better quality lives.


In order to successfully reach our vision to be the utmost medication provider with a goal of helping patients live justly, we must first act on our mission. Our mission to help patients improve their health through a safe and holistic approach. It is people like us in Remedy’s Rx Pharmacy who tenaciously live out this mission and goes above and beyond for our patients, their families and our community.  We like to help change our patients and their families lives for the better.

Together, we have an opportunity to courageously change the lives of our patients, their families and the seniors in the community one remedy at a time.