Pharmacy Services

Medication Assist At Home

Medication Assist At Home or In- Facility Program is a specialized service for assisting patients with medication administration in the comfort of their own home. We provide nursing assistance up to twice a day visits, morning and evening at no additional cost to you or your loved ones. This will provide assurance that medications will be taken properly, consistently and on time everyday. In addition, our nurses can also provide the following services:

– Vitamin B12 injection administratio

– Changing Transdermal patches

– Insulin injection administration

– Pneumococcal vaccine Administration

– Influenza Vaccine administration

– Any medication administration of any route (i.e. mouth, eyes, ear, nose)

– Any intramuscular and subcutaneous medication administration

– Blood pressure monitoring

– Blood Glucose monitoring

– Physician Reporting

– Free sharps container for those who require them

– Free nurse assessment

Home Health Care Products

-Daily Living Aids for SeniorsWound Care Products

-Mobility Products

-Incontience Products

-Adult Diapers

-Physical Therapy Products

-Medical Supplies

-Bath Safety Products

-Personal Care Products for Seniors

Medication Review


Our Medication Review Program offers patients and their families a peace of mind when it comes to the medication they are taking. As a pharmacy advocating for patients and clients at home, “Polypharmacy” is something that we want to avoid. Polypharmacy is an increase in number of prescribed medications that could potentially lead to increase in adverse events. There is No Magic Number to define Polypharmacy but this is something that we can discuss with you in person at no cost. The pharmacist will go over each and every prescription and non prescription medications you are taking, explain what they are for and how each affects your overall health. This will be a good opportunity also for you to ask any questions you may have about your medications and any health related inquiries.


Flu Clinic

Flu shot – Get one for you and your family

Our pharmacy offers flu clinic to any type of community to a group where it is needed the most. We offer this at no cost to you. Simply call our Pharmacies in either location: Fleetwood Pharmacy in 305 – 9014 152nd street Surrey B.C. at 604.496.3303 OR in our South Surrey Aspen Pharmacy in 102 – 2099 152 Street Surrey B.C. at 604.560.2720. We would be more than happy to schedule a flu clinic and serve your community! 


 On-line Refills

Rx Refill – 7 x 24, any device

Our patients matter to us! Our on-line refills promote comfort and convenience of not having to visit or call the pharmacy. This is for patients or families who are busy and want to eliminate unnecessary commutes, who have physical challenges or those who lives in a remote area! It is so convenient!