Text Refill / Refill Reminders

Text Refill Instructions 

To make it easy to refill prescriptions at Fleetwood Pharmacy, you can text in your prescriptions using your mobile phone and the order will appear at the pharmacy for us to process. For this to be able to happen, your mobile phone number that you use to text must be on file with so we can link your prescriptions properly.

Texting Instructions:

1. Text “More Info” to 604-262-2983 and you will receive a text back with further instructions.

2. Text “Refill” (space) and the prescription number (If you have more than 1 prescription to order, separate it with spaces or commas). Eg. Refill 12345.  A TEXT BACK WILL BE SENT BACK WITH THE STATUS OF THE REFILL

3. Text “Refilld” with the prescription number to denote DELIVERY of the prescription as opposed to pickup.

Refill Reminders

We can send you a reminder when your medication is due to be refilled. These reminders can be sent to you by email or by text and can help remind you before your medications run out. Let us know if you would like us to set you up with these friendly reminders.